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On November 8, Lin Liren, the second top ten businessmen, arrived in Dongguan from Shenzhen. He Wei, the fifth top ten businessmen, and he Shijun, the sixth top ten marketsandmarkets predicted that Mr. Zhong Shijun, a big businessman, arrived in Dongguan from Foshan to participate in the 2009 Alibaba Dongguan business alliance e-commerce Summit Forum. Alibaba Dongguan business alliance, the organizer of the forum, convened more than 200 Dongguan businessmen to share business experience with these excellent businessmen in the Pearl River Delta. Dongguan, which is famous for OEM, lags behind slightly in the use of e-commerce rdquo; Wang Liping said that in Shenzhen and Foshan, we can take the lead in organizing excellent business gatherings to drive the development of e-commerce in Dongguan's manufacturing industry. Said Lin Guohui, head of Alibaba Dongguan business alliance. It is reported that Dongguan business alliance is a public welfare group spontaneously formed by Dongguan merchants. Since its establishment two years ago, it has organized more than 30 free trainings to strengthen the awareness and skills of e-commerce promotion for enterprises and help Dongguan manufacturing enterprises' industrial transformation

according to the characteristics of Dongguan manufacturing industry, we work with various e-commerce service institutions to provide a series of e-commerce consulting services for Dongguan enterprises. Qiu Kedong, a major member of Alibaba Dongguan business alliance, said that in the future, Dongguan business alliance will hold more similar exchanges and strengthen interaction with Shenzhen and Foshan

in addition, Lenovo and AMD participated in the event. Hu ran, the representative of Lenovo Dongguan division, and Dai longweiru, the representative of AMD Guangdong, delivered speeches on tensile strength, elongation at break, elongation at constant stress, elongation at constant stress, tensile stress at yield point and elongation at yield point, saying that they helped the development of e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises

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