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Relevant regulations on booth construction of special decoration of all print exhibition

service manual ※ this manual is only applicable to exhibitors in W4 and W5, such as binding with well crosslinked things, hall E1

1. Exhibitors with special decoration of booth should fill in form 1 (page 17) "comprehensive information form of exhibitors", which should be filled in in in detail and neatly, and sent to (mail, fax or email) the Exhibition Department of science and print before March 15, 2006

address: No.2 Cuiwei Road, Haidian District, Beijing Post Code: 100036

Tel: (010)

Fax: (010)

2. The organizer recommends "Beijing tesby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd." to exhibitors as the general agent for the construction of special booth if users can pay attention to some details in the process of use

address: 29th floor, block B, Xintian, No.1, Xiba Henan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing zip code: 100028

contact person: Li Zhan

Tel: (010)

access ground wire

Fax: (010)

3. If exhibitors need to carry out special decoration on the rented booth, they must choose a formal construction unit. Exhibitors must cooperate with the general agent of on-site construction "Beijing Derby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd." to review the qualification of the construction unit entrusted by the exhibitors. After meeting the conditions, "Beijing tesby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd." will sign the "booth construction letter" with the construction unit

4. The qualified construction unit entrusted by the exhibitor must pay a one-time risk deposit of 10000 yuan to "Beijing Derby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd." and the deposit will be returned within 10 days if there is no problem after the exhibition

5. Institute 2. There are single-layer booths that often use nano materials, and the maximum construction height shall not exceed 6 meters; The maximum height of booths with two or more floors cannot exceed 8 meters

6. If the external surface of special decoration is within the sight of the audience, the external surface must be decorated

7. All specially equipped appliances must use fireproof materials or materials treated with fireproof coating. Heating devices such as light boxes should be equipped with heat dissipation structures

8. The special decoration builder must submit the special decoration plan, color three-dimensional effect drawing, construction drawing, power consumption phase, voltage, total power consumption and circuit distribution diagram (indicating the exact location of power supply introduction) and other materials to "Beijing Derby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in triplicate before April 30, 2006

9. Special decoration builders need to fax copies of all construction personnel's ID cards and construction personnel's registration form (page 27) to "Beijing Derby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. for unified construction certificates (22 yuan/Certificate/person) before May 20, 2006

10. The special booth Builder shall pay the standard booth and special booth construction management fee (20 yuan/square meter/exhibition period) to the exhibition hall in accordance with the regulations, which will be collected by "Beijing Derby Exhibition Service Co., Ltd." on behalf of the exhibition hall

source: Organizing Committee of 2006 China International all Print Exhibition

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